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Who poisons people with meat products and Why?
Saturday, 10 October, 2015 - 18:58

In 2001 Georgia joined the “Codex Alimentarius”, which meant that in order to food safety the same standards should have been established in the country as in EU countries. For example, what standards are used to produce sausages and meat half-finished products in Switzerland, Georgia had to produce production according to the same standards. It took the government then a year to translate the above mentioned codex, it took one more year to adjust it to existing (“GOST”) standard and in fact by 2014 everything was ready to take it in action. But a new government of Saakashvili annulled the “SAQ Standard”, and a chairman and initiator of “Alimentarius” in Georgia Mikheil Janikashvili was put in prison. Establishing standards was given to Ministry of Agriculture and food safety agency was set up specially for this. In 2005 Presidential decree was promulgated, according to it from 2005 to 2010 monitoring  products was stopped and verifying food products including meat-products was banned for food safety agency. It is true that the law itself was in action, for example the agency carried out monitoring and supervised but state control articles were stopped. Only in case of owner’s demand state control was carried out. Such a situation was till 2010 and over 40 laboratories closed in Tbilisi for this.

Even the order about “Vet Sanitary Safety conditions” issued in 2011 by the Minister of Agriculture could not improve the existing situation from 2005 to 2010. Mentioned normative act regulated vet-sanitary safety conditions in the country. In fact everything was defined in it – how to kill animals for meat, realization conditions, processing and storage standards etc. Absence of control for 5 years Georgian grocery market was led to collapse.

For example, we offer the shorten version of official statement spread by Ministry of Finance not long ago:

“Ministry of Finance Investigation Service of Georgia arrested Eter Inasaridze , an expert of National Bureau of Expertise,  for issuing spurious conclusions. In order to ascertain the suitability of  400 kg. meat products for human consumption, she chose a better part of beef for research and did not examine bad colored meat intentionally. The vets of Grocery National Agency of Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia – Mikheil Kapanadze, Vladimer Chukhrukidze and Teimuraz Markhvashvili, Citizens – Kakha Kopadze and Giorgi Gogishvili – were arrested for preparing forged official documents. The investigation has ascertained that all three vets issued veterinary certificate without examining the beef. The investigation has also ascertained that Giorgi Gogishvili – an employee of LTD “Crosland Investment Limited” in the field of organizing and functioning of the slaughterhouse, who did not have a qualification of doctor-vet, issued a forged veterinary certificate to the citizen. It should be noted that as a result of all above mentioned offences tainted meat products systematically were for sale on the store shelves."

This is just one example and we cannot seek the offenders in certain individuals. The offender is the system itself and accompanying legislation which formed them.

“Codex Alimentarius” has not been adopted by the Georgian government up to present time.


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